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Alexander was born in 2003, a healthy 9 pound baby boy.

He was exemplary. He achieved his milestones ahead of time and never needed any help from anyone.  He walked at 10-moths old, was reading at 3 and a half and was always happy and content. HE WAS PERFECT!


Despite the devastating news of his fatal disease, and the unbelievable threat he faces, he keeps his optimism. 


Today, he continues to be academically  advanced, loves math and science and he plays trumpet in the school jazz band. He has talent in writing poems and has an amazing "Freddie Mercury" like singing voice. He loves to tell jokes.


He is also a typical teenager. He likes his video games a little too much and does not like to be told what to do.


He is confident and has friends that like him a lot,especially girls. They think of him as "funny", "smart" and a "leader". 

He believes in science and sees it as the way to his cure!

Please DONATE to SCIENCE and  help preserve the life of this amazing boy!

Alexander in the school band :) 

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