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Alexander's Sister, Sophia,


Sophia attended Mount Everett school through 9th grade and then transferred to Bard Academy at Simon's Rock, in Great Barrington, MA.  She earned an associate degree from Bard College at the age of 17.

Like Alexander, she is gifted in arts and music. Sophia played trumpet,  was involved in Berkshire Chorus for years, and enjoys theater. 

She loves reading, writing,  horse-back riding and skiing.


Sophia is determined and a hard worker. She has high aspirations. She is considering marketing in the future, and studying Ecology. 

Sophia faces the typical challenges of a normal teenager. Although she ravenously craves independence, she needs her family to be there for her, guide her, and support her.  

She loves life and she is optimistic. She is steadfast in her ideals. Her self image has not been damaged by our family's hardship. She continues to be herself:  devoted, loving, determined and successful.

Through all of this hardship, Sophia continues to succeed!


Sophia desperately tries to normalize her brother's condition.  Sadly, that will not be possible, once Alexander becomes more affected.


Sophia adores her brother !!! He is her friend, her companion and her only family. They have dreams and plans for the future. A sister and a brother, together!


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