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​Marco Vignale


 Marco is a handsome, smart and talented young man, struck by Myofibrillar Myopathy MFM6,  in his early teens.


Despite being affected early, he graduated from college and he continues to find meaning in his life. He has a loving family, friends and a girlfriend who are steadfast by his side. 

 Now, he is 21 years-old and in the prime of his life he is fighting to live. He is on a breathing machine and requires  24 hour care.

The resilience he and his family show deserves only  the highest admiration !!!


Despite enormous suffering he has not lost his love for life and for others. He hopes for treatment and a cure.

Marco's Story

His family motto is:"Hang in there Marco!" 

With your support

we can mend his wings to

" fly again !!!



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